I’ve got a feature in the September issue of FASHION magazine. The story is about couples facing a serious diagnosis. It was an incredibly inspiring piece to work on, actually, and I still think about it a lot. I will eventually have the story here on my site, but in the mean time, please go pick up a copy of the mag, on newsstands now. Just look for the charming and gorgeous Olivia Wilde on the cover!

Have any feedback on the piece? I’d love to hear. Leave a comment below or drop me a line.


This is a fun little thing that just brightened my day! Hill + Knowlton, a Toronto-based PR firm, just included me (and my Liveables board) on a list of Top 10 Canadian home and decor media on Pinterest.

I’m in quite fine company, alongside former colleagues Jane Francisco (editor-in-chief of Chatelaine) and Suzanne Dimma (editor-in-chief of House & Home) as well as some of the heaviest hitters in the world of decor media in Canada. What an absolute treat.

Come check out my Pinterest account and join the party.


My favourite Twitter friend Beth is one of the co-creators of a fabulous fashion blog called Daily Outfitting, and she asked me to contribute a guest post. I was happy to dig around in Polyvore and come up with an outfit. And because I tend towards frugality, I made sure I would actually buy every one of these pieces. Head on over to Daily Outfitting to check out my Spring Pops for a Steal.


I am happy to be presenting at the Queen’s Media and Journalism Conference again this year during the second weekend of March. I’ve been invited to return to deliver my presentation on getting started in digital media. I love going back to Kingston, and it’s a thrill to be invited by students at my Alma Mater. Plus, I left my pen there last year, and I’d really like it back.

Watch this space!


There is lots more Twitter Friends to be had these days. This is thanks largely in part to Shaun figuring out a fancy new way to edit the podcast while we’re filming it (which means a lot less post-production).

We just put up Episode 16: MTV is Not Responsible for Your STD.

You can also find us on and on Twitter (imagine that) at @MegaBethTTF.